Your Donation: An investment into social impact and self sustainability

The Lavender project is a “social enterprise” located in central Mexico in a community called La Colorada.  The Lavender Project’s business model is typical of a social enterprise that seeks economic benefits for its business partners as well as social benefits for its employees and for the community-at-large where the enterprise is located.

While the The Lavender Project operates as a for profit business,  it contributes a substantial amount of its after tax profit back within the community. The money supports many social services within the community including, funding for the transportation of ill people from the community to city hospitals or clinics, partial or full coverage of prescribed medications not covered by the government-sponsored health insurance system, free meals (as deemed necessary or requested) for the poorest and most indigent neighbors in the community. In the future they will expand to support existing programs, currently funded by St. Anthony’s Alliance, such as a morning nourishment program for youth, after school programs, scholarships, a small library with books and computers with internet access and payment of utilities for the community center such as lights, gas and power.

For many persons who are looking to donate a gift of money or time to a social enterprise such as the Lavender project,  it is important not to confuse the project with a charity.  The differences between the two are quite different. A charity tends to rely almost solely on donations to subsist, with no intention of trying to becoming self sufficient, while a social enterprise, such as the Lavender Project, uses donor funds to reinvest within the social enterprise. The donations that are invested back within the project help create revenue to produce a self sustaining business that generates profit which allows the project to continue to contribute to social change within the community.

Since the Lavender Project’s inception 5 years ago it has strived to optimize every dollar donated to the project to produce the greatest benefits. Donations  have helped fund the fixing of a water pump which allows irrigation to  the lavender crops,  and other fields within the community which produce, beans, alfalfa and peppers.

In addition donations have helped implement an eco-responsible drip irrigation system, equipment to produce lavender essence oil and materials to help increase soap production. Donations and financial assistance has also provided the opportunity to buy new sewing machines for the sewing division and aided in the development of the Morning Nourishment program, after school activities in the community center and scholarships for deserving students in the community.

The Lavender project wishes to acknowledge the the generous support of St. Anthonys Alliance a registered 501 (c) 3 non profit in the United States. Without St. Anthony’s support and belief in the social enterprise business model, the Lavender Project would not exist today.

The Lavender Project remains grateful to the many persons who have have believed in and supported the project with donations of gifts of money, time and resources.

We still need your support.  Your donations to the project make a significant difference in the future of the of the project, the community and will help reduce the time to self sustainability.

We appreciate that funding for philanthropic purposes can be extremely limited and invite you to visit the project to understand how your donations are being utilized.

If you prefer you can also designate how you prefer your donations are used, such as support for scholarships, purchase of equipment for the project or support of the programs in the community center.

Currently we are only able to offer tax receipts in U.S. funds. The receipts are issued by St. Anthony’s Alliance on behalf of the Lavender Project.

Should you wish to donate in Pesos or another currency please contact The Lavender Project Manager by email at, by phone at 415-111-1234.

In addition we are also happy to accept your gift of time and resources.