The Social Side of The Lavender Project

One of the main goals of The Lavender Project is to dedicate a percentage of the profit created from the selling of their products back to the community and to the many programs that occur at the community center in La Colorada. The project is not quite reached this point in it maturity.

Currently the programs and the community center are supported through the generosity of the projects main sponsor St. Anthony’s Alliance.

Programs supported include:

Youth breakfast program

Every morning before school approximately 25 liters of a soy based nutritional drink is served to children and family members in La Colorada. The community center has been equipped with the facilities to provide these meals on a daily basis.

After school program

The children and youth of La Colorada are fortunate to have after school programs offered at the community center. The programs offered include help with homework, improvement of reading skills and organized educational activities.

Scholarship (Becas) program

Currently 18 youth receive financial support so they can attend school on a regular basis. Without the financial aide the youth would not be able to attend school or plan for secondary education.

Learning center

The La Colorada community center houses learning center . The new resource area has been a small library, an area for after school programs and has recently received 5 computers with internet connectivity, and a donation of new monitors and keyboards from St. Anthony’s Alliance.