What is Natural: A Definition

Due to the lack of government regulation in the natural products industry in Mexico, and the misuse of the word as a marketing term “natural”, the Lavender Project felt it was important to define what natural means to us.”

At the Lavender Project 100% natural is all that we do.

Natural Means:

We only use ingredients that are found in nature and have a positive effect on our bodies.

  • By “found in nature” we mean ingredients that can be harvested and used in their original form or ingredients that can be extracted from plants or minerals. Like essential oils for example.
  • We will use natural ingredients that have natural effects and that work in harmony with the body and/or environment
  • We will not use ingredients that are manufactured and synthesized so they do not resemble any molecular structure that occurs in nature, even if they are made from natural plant or mineral ingredients
  • We will consider using ingredients that are found in nature but are only available when produced to be nature-identical for environmental and sustainability reasons.