Eco Friendly Farming


At the Lavender Project we are committed to only produce 100% natural products, we also strive to consider the environment where we can. Lavender as a crop, tends is drought resistant and bugs generally avoid the crop as a whole.

Our commitment to the environment in Mexico.

Drip Irrigation

In central Mexico water is a scarce commodity. In an effort to conserve water, a precious resource, we utilize drip irrigation and strive for responsible management and a conservative approach when we irrigate our lavender crops.

No Chemical Fertilizers

The Lavender Project uses no chemical fertilizers while growing and farming lavender. We are concerned about the environment and do not wish any harmful chemicals to drain into natural watersheds or eco-systems.

Minimal Packaging

We do not use cellophane, or metal and our goal is to use packaging that is printed on recyclable or recycled paper with vegetable inks.


We re-use our boxes until they can’t be used anymore, then we recycle them. We also use and re-use boxes from other companies as well. When we deliver our products to customers we strive to, when possible, to try and deliver all our products on the same day. Delivery of one order or several products requires the same amount of fuel. Our goal is to reduce our carbon foot print and use a vehicle only when necessary.


We use high efficiency lights to reduce power consumption.

Travel to the Project:

We try and car-pool in San Miguel or when we travel out to the project.