Management Training at TLP

Each month the TLP continues to increase sales and as the company grows so has the need for additional management and supervisors.

TLP has always tried to promote from within the company and groom employees with potential for management positions.

One of the young and rising employees that has been chosen for management training is Alejandro Morales Enriquez .

Alejandro showed promise very early on at the project. His work ethic, willingness to take on more responsibilities and his proactive attitude were just a few of the qualities that stood out to TLP management.

Part of the management training program involves furthering the employees education with scholarships for courses in business, management and computers. The scholarships are provided by TLP’s main sponsor St. Anthony’s Alliance.

We interviewed Ajejandro for the Fall newsletter.

Q. How long have you been involved in the project?
A. 3 years.

Q. What is your current job at the project?
A. I am currently a field supervisor, in charge of petty cash, and I provide support for collecting raw material.

Q. What is your biggest challenge when working for TLP?
A. Finding ways to make the hectares provide more for us and to discover ways to get more yield from the harvest.

Q. How has the education scholarship helped you in your new position at the Lavender Project?
A. I have been able to better develop my work, because I understand better the activities they ask of me and I can deliver them more quickly and with clarity because they have given me the opportunity to be in control of petty cash.

Q. What did you think when you found out that the farmers were going to grow lavender instead of traditional crops such as corn and beans?
A. It was a good idea, because the community farmers can have another source of income and in time a work resource for more people in the community.

Q. How have you seen the project change since you been working for it?
A.The change is favorable because this year there was the opportunity to involve more people in the Project from the same community, and this year I saw a better harvest yield from last year, and to be able to plant a half hectare more, as well as work more in the reproduction of sweet lavender, grosso and obtaining approximately 500 liters of hydrosol and 6 liters of sweet lavender essential oil. This is the result of the first harvest, as well as keeping the hectares of lavender and rosemary presentable since we are constantly cleaning.

Q. What is your opinion on the Mission of the Lavender Project?
A. It is good, because it is respecting what was proposed at the beginning, to grow crops that help the Community, to gain income for their work, and continue growing to improve all of the conditions we need in our Community.

Q. What impact or effect has the Lavender Project has had in La Colorada Community?
A. It was a big impact because at the beginning there wasn’t security and confidence in the Project, but in a short time there was great satisfaction in attracting visitors to the Community to learn about the Project and the lavender fields, the distilling and drying of the lavender branches, and soap making and sewing.