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Developing a Self-Sustaining Model for La Colorada’s Community Center

One of St. Anthony’s Alliance’s most important tasks is developing a sustainable model for the Community Center at La Colorada. This year, St. Anthony’s Alliance and the people of La Colorada took an important step towards sustainability by creating a “civil association,”... Read More


Dignitaries attend Ribbon Cutting for the Road to La Colorada

With a smooth new road courtesy of a partnership between the City of Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico and St. Anthony’s Alliance the path to prosperity for The Lavender Project and La Colorada’s Community Center is a lot easier. On sunny day in late August, a host of dignitaries were... Read More


The Lavender Project Gets Boost With Expert Consultation

August 2013 was a month of “eureka” moments for the people of La Colorada as they gained a vision of the future for The Lavender Project. The insights were sparked by a four-day visit from Victor Gonzales, the inspiring owner and founder of Victor’s Lavender, one of... Read More

Aucencio Domenzain Lavender Project President

An Interview with the Lavender Project President

Aucencio Domenzain Lavender Project President This blog entry is an interview with Lavender Project President Aucencio Domenzain. This interview is a translation of the original interview, which was in Spanish Q. Can you help us understand what kind of business is the Lavender... Read More

Farmers and Volunteers help dry lavender

Your Donation: An investment into social impact and self sustainability

The Lavender project is a “social enterprise” located in central Mexico in a community called La Colorada.  The Lavender Project’s business model is typical of a social enterprise that seeks economic benefits for its business partners as well as social benefits for its... Read More

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Your generous donations enable the Lavender Project to continue to work towards economic sustainability. Your donations enable us to fulfill our mission of economic self sufficiency, job creation, and the ability to better the community we live in. Thank you for your donation!

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